The popular state of Malaysia and the 2nd largest state in Peninsular Malaysia is one of the best places every tourist should visit. Ipoh is the capital city of Perak and holds historical record for tin mining works. There are several places that interests many visitors in the state. If you wish to choose Perak as your tourist destination, you will certainly enjoy every bit of it.

About Tourism in Perak

With endless attractions available for tourists of Perak, it is difficult to choose the main attractions. The scenery of Perak can be viewed through the Titiwangsa range along with the unique limestone karst towers, best of caves, spectacular beaches, and more.

Food and cuisine

ipoh-great-foodIpoh, the capital city of Perak is highly influenced by the Chinese culture and as a result Chinese cuisines are most common. Lemang is the most popular dish of Malay which is cooked over slow fire. It is a must try dish. There are endless fast food joints and restaurants across Perak for foodies.


When it comes to transportation, there is no hassle of getting to the state or reaching the several places of interest and attractions of Perak. Tourist can seek transport primarily through Malaysia express buses and for travelling by air, they can choose Malaysia airline. The Malaysia express bus service offers convenient and reliable transport across Malaysia as well as Perak. Some of the local bus transportation includes Mara liner, plus liner express bus, and yoyo bus. The Ipoh railways is the most popular one and is well located.

Shopping in Perak

Perak offers best collection of products through some of the renowned shopping stores which include Tesco Perak, the Greentown Shopping Mall, Ipoh Parade, and Yik Foong Complex.


Perak has endless places to stay which includes resorts, guest houses and hotels. It can range from simple to lavish accommodations based on the needs of individuals.

Places of interest

  • Tambun Hot Springs: This is located closer to Ipoh and people can have a best experience of the hot bath through natural spring.
  • hs-saphiraKuala Who Jungle Park: The park is located 13 km from Tapah and is an ideal place for those looking for some great fun and recreation. Fishing, swimming, and picnics are some of the interesting things.
  • Geological museum: The museum is home to over 600 mineral samples of Perak and it is famous for tin ore exhibition and collections of fossils, rock specimens and precious stones.
  • Gua Tempurung: One of the most famous caves in Malaysia which has been in existence from 8000 BC. There are interesting domes with different formation of stalagmites and stalactites. The water level and temperature differs for each.
  • Matang Mangrove Forest Reserve: It is one of renowned mangrove swamp situated in Taiping municipality. The reserve consist of several bird and marine species.

Perak offers something for every tourist as it has several interesting places that shows the charm and hospitality. The state has a rich history, culture and heritage. It has sand, sun and sea which makes it one of the best tourist destinations of Malaysia.


Malaysia is a kind of country that will make you fall in love with her when you start living here! Or of you already are a resident of Malaysian community then you already knew the amazing community out there. The location, the people, the earning opportunities, the entertainment, everything finds its place here in bulk. Even when it comes to natural treasures, you won’t be disappointed with the beauties present here.

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