The state of Perak is situated in Malaysia. Its capital is Ipoh city while its royal capital is Kuala Kangsar due to the presence of Sultan’s palace. It has an area of 21,035 km sq. The majority of population was involved in the fields related to tin mining, however, the downfall of this industry caused a great fallback in the economy of the state. Currently, tourism plays an important role in the economy of Perak and there are many amazing places present that are capable to catch the eye of the tourists.

Pangkor Island:

Pangkor Island is an amazing place to spend vacations. The resorts are very comfortable to spend a few days near calm beaches. Ferry rides to and from Lumut city are very exciting. Some of the fishermen settlements also pass by during the ride where you can witness their daily routines. Snorkeling, scuba diving, fishing, surfing and swimming are the famous outdoor activities near the island.

Sungai Klah Hot Spring Park:

sungai-klah-hot-springs-park-perakThe Sungai Klah Hot Spring Park is situated between mountain ranges in the forests. Its hot water springs are known for the great benefits offered. It is believed that this water is the natural cure for many diseases. The swimming pool and Therapeutic park remain crowded round the year with people who wish to spend leisure time. The traditional massage and egg boiling experience are also liked by the visitors.

Belum Forest Reserve:

Belum Forest reserve is situated in the Peninsula of Malaysia and is the largest one in the area. Most of the forest is still untouched by people, however, it is known for the great variety of rare plants and animals. A small part of the forest has been given the status of State National Park. The touring packages are available for the forest with available facilities of camping, river boating and road travel.

Buket Larut:

Buket Larut is also known as Maxwell Hill. It is about 1250 m in height above the sea level and has very high rate of rainfall per year. The temperature also remains low round the year. It is a good place to get a view of faraway places from the height. The view looks amazing during the day and city lights at night surely capture the attention. However, heavy clouds are often formed that make it quite difficult to easily look at distance.

Tempurung Cave:

gua_tempurungGua Tempurung is a wonderful masterpiece of the nature situated between the cities of Gopeng and Kampar. It is the oldest limestone cave in the state. The length of cave is above 1.6 km and has long beautiful stalactites and stalagmites hanging from the cave ceiling. It consists of five domes in total with a river flowing through it.

When visiting any place, the first thing to search is the accommodation and places of interest. Perak state has many places where a good time can be spent. The above mentioned places are the top visiting attractions, however, many other places are can be visited too for enjoying a fun and adventure trip.


Malaysia is a kind of country that will make you fall in love with her when you start living here! Or of you already are a resident of Malaysian community then you already knew the amazing community out there. The location, the people, the earning opportunities, the entertainment, everything finds its place here in bulk. Even when it comes to natural treasures, you won’t be disappointed with the beauties present here.

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