Perak – Main Points of Attraction

Perak Darul Ridzuan is the fourth largest state in the country of Malaysia and is nicknamed as Abode of Grace. The state has total population of 2,477,700 according to the census report of 2015. Majority of the population follows Islam while people from other religions are also living here. The languages spoken are quite diverse including Malay, Chinese, Tamil, Punjabi and various Orang Asli languages. There are various places of interest within this state that can be visited during vacations. bkn7cnuciaae25sThe numerous gift and craft shops can help you purchase souvenirs to remember a great tour.


Perak is known for different types of museums present in the cities of Perak. Perak Museum in Taiping is the oldest Museum of Malaysia and shows history of state. Ho Yan Hor Museum is present in the capital city Ipoh, while Kinta Tin Mining Museum of Kampar is the best way to know about the old techniques of tin mining. Rahmat Maritime Museum is based on a battleship near Lumut that should be visited to understand the lifestyle of soldiers. Museum of Gopeng is another great attraction and many art galleries arrange exhibitions of art-work.

Natural Parks:

There are many wildlife zoo and parks that are great places to visit for freshening of mind. Taiping Lake Gardens and Zen Gardens are known for their beautiful scenery. Coral Beach is one of the most famous beaches on Pangkor Island. Zoo Taiping & Night Safari should be paid a visit to observe the habitat of animals closely. Other interesting places include Perak Cave Temple, Matang Mangrove Forest Reserves and D. R. Seenivasagam Park.

Recreational Activities:

In the cities of Perak state, there are various opportunities for people to indulge in outdoor activities. Ipoh city has a number of golf courses that are suitable places for sports lovers. Adventure parks and amusement parks are great way to spend fun time for both children as well as for adults. Rafting, fishing, diving and boating are also the common outdoor activities of people.

Hot Springs and Caves:

6262173The recreational park in Batang Padang district is known for its hot springs, mountain hills and palm trees. These hot prings provide cure from many diseases especially skin problems and general health issues. The caves of Gua Tempurung are big caves of limestone that look beautiful from inside. The length of the cave is almost 1.9 km while its height reaches up to 120 m. A river within the cave has spread to 1.6 km. The cave dates back to around 400 million years.

The state of Perak in Malaysia offers some great attractions to the people who are looking to visit this place. Most of the interesting points are of great historical importance and depict the old history of the state. There are many museums, forests, lakes, adventure parks and large shopping centers that enable tourists to enjoy an experience of a lifetime. Visiting this place with family or friends will surely give great memories to cherish in the coming years.


Malaysia is a kind of country that will make you fall in love with her when you start living here! Or of you already are a resident of Malaysian community then you already knew the amazing community out there. The location, the people, the earning opportunities, the entertainment, everything finds its place here in bulk. Even when it comes to natural treasures, you won’t be disappointed with the beauties present here.

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