Education system in Perak starts right from pre-school, there are Kindergartens that has got well laid down pre-school curriculum, teachers and an instructional medium. The preschool exposes the children to the Islamic studies and also prepares by giving the children a solid foundation to their education life.


  • Pre-school is mainly meant for children between the ages of 4 to 6 years and gives these young learners an exposure and a learning experience as they prepare to get to the primary education system. At pre-primary the young students get to learn a wide range of things including reading the file_proposition-30-worries-californias-educational-system-63518_1463069121basic articles, numbers and writing these articles and numbers. Social competence of the young students are also being nurtured at pre-primary.
  • Same to primary and secondary education system, the pre-primary education in Perak too has got well laid down goals and objectives that should be realized by the young student after a successful completion of this pre-primary education system. For example it is aimed at nurturing students’ potential as they develop this being one of the goals and its objected using the cognitive skills to think and solving environmental problems.
  • Perak has got around 247 schools both secondary and primary schools with a good population of students and teachers making education to be a major point of concentration in Perak. These schools offer quality education leading to a whole growth of students to rational beings in future who can positively contribute to the economic growth of Perak.
  • Several colleges and universities for higher learning also exist at Perak. These institutions are aimed at producing a competent and aggressive workforce to the society and economy in general. There are both private and public universities in Perak. Some universities in Perak are:
  • 264806_181421141919651_150005825061183_489682_333947_nUniversiti Kuala Lumpur Royal College of Medicine Perak that is located at Ipoh. It is among the top leading country’s universities. It aimed at producing graduates with skills, attitude, and knowledge. Its curriculum comprises of technical, social, learning and entrepreneurship.
  • Universiti Teknologi Petronas. It was established on 10th January 1997. The campus covers 400 hectares and strategically located at Bandar Seri Iskandar, Perak Darul Ridzuan. It offers engineering and Technology programmers at undergraduate and postgraduate levels that are comprised of a strong research work.
  • Quest International University Perak was established by Blair Education Services in the state of Perak on 12th June 2008. It is a private institution. It aims at becoming a leading center of education in the entire Malaysia.

In conclusion, the education system in Perak is deeply rooted and begins from pre-primary, primary, secondary education to higher learning institutions where these institutions consists of colleges and universities within Perak. A child at Perak is expected to start his/her schooling from pre-primary to primary to secondary to college or university where they specialize on their careers. On one hand or another this education system has got a greater impact on the economy of Perak since there is a constant production of very committed and experienced workforce who are geared towards economic well-being of Perak.


Malaysia is a kind of country that will make you fall in love with her when you start living here! Or of you already are a resident of Malaysian community then you already knew the amazing community out there. The location, the people, the earning opportunities, the entertainment, everything finds its place here in bulk. Even when it comes to natural treasures, you won’t be disappointed with the beauties present here.

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