The name Perak was derived from the silvery color of tin and it means silver in Malay. Others argue that the name originates from the ‘glimmer of fish in the water’ that sparkles like silver. It is located at the southern of Thailand and eastern of the Strait of Malacca. A larger portion of West Malaysia’s coast plains lies in Perak. It’s got an area of more than 21,000 square kilometers thus is one of the largest states in Peninsular Malaysia. Coastal areas of Perak has some of the following beaches:

Teluk Batik

Most locals visit this beach because it can be easily accessed by cars. It has got ample parking space/bays and mostly maxresdefaultduring public holidays and weekends the beach receives several visitors. It lies on the western coast of Perak. The beach has got clean water suitable for swimming and a very beautiful scenery of the golden sand that is good for spending some quality time with friends, family or even alone. The beach is equipped with facilities such as tyre tubes, chairs, boats, restrooms amongst others making the area to look more beautiful.

Teluk Senangin Beach

Teluk Senangin Beach is a cool and quiet place though not developed as Teluk Batik, it is the best place to choose in case one wants that peaceful environment free from noise. It is located near Damai Laut Swiss Garden Golf Resort and Spa. It has got few motels and bathing facilities that mostly are opened during weekends because it is the free time people visit the beach. The beach can be accessed from Sitiawan area through a bridge that connects the town of Sitiawan to Segari.

Teluk Rubiah Beach

Teluk Rubiah is a private beach having the Tenaga Nasional Power Plant and Teluk Rubiah Beach and Golf Resort. Driving from popular Perak towns to the beach takes only 30 minutes and the beach is accessible by road. Driving to 6003787this place is just fun as you will see beautiful scenery from nature on the road sides smart for photography. There are16 wooden buildings with 55 rooms located on the beach. These buildings are built using the Malay traditional architecture design.  Apart from beaches for swimming, there are also swimming pools designed for guests and those who prefer swimming in the pools.

Pasir Panjang Beach

Pasir Panjang beach has been a breeding place for the green Turtles. It covers about 8km being the longest beach in Sagari. The decreased number of the Green Turtles led to the fisheries of Malaysia setting up a Green Turtle Hatching Centre back in the 1990 but would hatch the eggs in a safe environment free from predators and then releasing them into the sea after 5 months. The beach is not soo crowded though it has got limited facilities but staying here with your family will just be fun.

In conclusion, the coastal areas of Perak are mainly crowded with tourists. The main source of in came in this area being tourism both local and international tourists visit the coast in large number annually.


Malaysia is a kind of country that will make you fall in love with her when you start living here! Or of you already are a resident of Malaysian community then you already knew the amazing community out there. The location, the people, the earning opportunities, the entertainment, everything finds its place here in bulk. Even when it comes to natural treasures, you won’t be disappointed with the beauties present here.

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